The Top 7 Benefits of Air Freight

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Air freight is one of the three largest cargo transportation methods in the global trade market and the international shipping industry. In fact, many would argue that it is the best way to transport any number of high-value and low volume shipments. The reach, reliability, speed and accessibility of air freight transportation make it the superior choice to the other freight modes that are available: road, sea and rail.

Cargo shipping is a vital cog in the global economy’s machine and is an essential service for most industries around the world. But what makes air freight stand out from the other freight services? Here are the top 7 benefits of using air freight transportation:

  1. Ship your cargo anywhere in the world

Not every country is accessible by land or sea. This can make road and sea freight an inaccessible option for and to many parts of the world. The only limitations of air freight access are how far the shipping destinations are from their local airport.

The extensive flight networks mapped out by airlines over many decades means that you can send shipments to almost any destination – even where ships, trains and trucks cannot reach. Combined with these other modes, air freight becomes the lynchpin that connects the most remote areas in the world to suppliers and buyers from every corner of the globe.

  1. The fastest freight transportation option

If you need to transport goods around the world, or within your country, as quickly as possible then there is only one option: air freight. Air freight shipping is the much faster and consistent transportation solution compared to other sea, rail or road freight options.

Aeroplanes travel over 900 kilometres per hour and, in turn, our cargo will travel at that speed too. Besides the possible future of lower-orbit space transportation, air freight is truly incomparable when it comes to speed and the ability to ship goods over long distances. In a matter of hours, your shipments could take off in Central Europe and land in Southern Africa that same day.

  1. Air freight is highly reliable

If you have ever experienced arriving late to the airport for a flight, you will know how strict airlines’ flight schedules are. This does not only apply to passenger planes; it applies to all air travel, including cargo planes. Do not worry though, even if you missed your flight in the end, there is almost certainly another one leaving in a few hours.

When speed and dependability are your priority, there is no comparison. Air freight is the most reliable shipping option thanks to airlines and freight forwarding companies remaining on top of their departure and arrival schedules as well as providing accurate time estimations. For the smoothest, easiest and safest cargo transportation, there is no doubt that air freight is the best option.

  1. Air shipping is very secure

For airlines and airports everywhere, security has become their very top priority over the past two decades. Packing an aeroplane with people, luggage and cargo is tightly managed and safety is paramount to all of their procedures and policies. This also reduces other risks, like theft, loss or damage, from occurring in the shipment of your cargo. This makes air freight the most secure mode of transporting cargo.

  1. Reduced costs on insurance

The safety and security of air freight shipping benefits more than just your goods that are being transported. It also benefits your wallet when you are trying to protect your cargo during shipping with insurance or transportation coverage. The high levels of security that airlines are known for will decrease the risk of something going wrong and insurance companies will account for this in their prices. Not to mention, the decreased packing, storage and travelling time means there is less time for any problems to occur and fewer extra costs.

  1. Less warehousing and simpler packaging

How does air freight impact the way you package and store your goods during the shipping process? The quick transit times of air transportation allow us to limit the amount of time we need to keep cargo in local warehouses or reduce the stock you need to keep at a given time.

In addition, packing for rail and sea freight transportation can become quite tedious. There is often a need for heavy packing, in a specific container and in a specific way. Air freight makes transporting small and medium-sized cargo a much simpler processes, requiring fewer steps in between packing, shipping and arrival.

  1. Closely track your cargo

Many years ago, if you ordered something from a different country online or over the phone, you would get a rough estimate of when you could expect your shipment. The same would go for the company you were buying from. The two points of contact that a buyer or seller would know about in the shipping process would be each other’s.

Today, almost every freight forwarding company, airline and postal service will have a web application that allows you to monitor and track your cargo on route to its destination. You can receive updates about when stock is received, cargo is stored at a warehouse or airport, a shipment is in the air, arrived in your city and when you can expect it at your door.

­­­The benefits of air travel are a marvel of the 21st Century and has made air freight an even more reliable, effective and secure mode of cargo transportation. For all your freight forwarding needs, speak to our wonderful consultants at M6T.