What to consider when choosing an air freight logistics partner

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Choosing the right air freight logistics partner is one of the most important steps in moving produce and resources. Air freight shipping has become one of the most effective and reliable modes of domestic and international shipping. It offers flexible, dependable and, when done right, cost-effective shipping solutions that can compete with any other ground or sea transportation methods.

The trick is finding experienced and qualified air freight service providers that allow you to maximise the value of any shipping programme you decide to implement. Logistics providers should also have the capabilities and dedication needed to adapt to the needs of a company and improve upon existing systems. Below, you will find a range of key considerations that must be taken into account by anyone looking for the right logistics partner.

Diversity of Services

In order to call any air freight service provider, the ‘right’ one for you and your business, they must have years of success conducting a variety of operational and logistic services that have been tested and implemented in different circumstances. The ideal air freight forwarder, or indirect air carrier (IAC), should include multiple services such as inland transport pickup and delivery options, and customs brokerage. Partners should have access to the latest technology and automated approaches that make these tasks much easier. Not to mention, an in-depth familiarity with national and international rules, regulations and compliance expectations to avoid unnecessary delays.

Expertise and Experience

International shipping is exposed to a variety of unexpected events that can make delivering on their shipping promises much harder for IACs. Whether it is economic instability, last-minute shipment changes or a global pandemic, a good logistics partner needs to have the expertise and experience to achieve their goals when things are going well but, more importantly, being successful when issues arise and when things are going wrong. The value of experience and expertise is found in the methods, technology, variety and adaptability of their services.


The international shipping industry has become more competitive in recent years and the IACs offering their services are more abundant than ever. The non-negotiable requirements that separate the average from the elite are ensuring speed, visibility and tracking while inviting customers into their process. Your IAC should make accessing accurate and up-to-date information about your shipments an easy and transparent part of the process.


International shipping has been a booming industry for centuries. However, the modern IAC must have the requisite qualifications that reflect their training and industry-standard methods. Certifications should be a basic expectation of any potential IAC customer. IATA-certified IACS, for example, are qualified to safely transport hazardous or dangerous materials and goods by air. Being certified is an indication of that company’s trustworthiness, expertise and reliability.

Shipment Monitoring and Tracking

Along with being transparent and utilising the latest technology in the field, you should be looking for an air freight logistics partners that keeps you informed throughout your use of their services. There should be an online system, built-in notifications or a dedicated account manager that helps you track the movements of your shipments and monitor its progress through different customs stages. The pro-activity of an IAC in this area can have a huge impact on your ability to react to changes and repeat successes when needed.

A Proven Track Record

Defining one successful shipping programme from another is dependent on their ability to deliver on two key features. The first is whether or not your goods are consistently arriving on time. The second is the condition of those goods when they reach their destination. An air freight logistics partner should have a proven track record of safely, securely and cost-effectively delivering for their clients.

Building Valuable Relationships

Choosing an IAC to partner with is clearly a big decision for any organisation. Always choose a logistics partner that offers long-term value over short-term savings. Utilise well-established and respected global forwarders which can leverage their market knowledge and trade networks to curate the most effective solutions for their client’s shipping needs. Their expertise should allow for flexible, custom and trustworthy solutions that help establish strong working relationships between courier and customer.

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